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Best Paper Awards 2016

Best Research Paper

Dr. Roelien Goede
North- West University, South Africa

Best Student Paper

Mr. Dennis Castleberry
Center for Computation and Technology, USA

Best Paper Awards 2015

Best Research Paper

Dr. Danny Seidner
College of Management Academic Studies, Israel

Best Student Paper

Mr. Ayman Qahmash
University of Warwick, UK


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Submit your papers for Panel Discussion on “Computational Thinking Education in K-12”, chaired by Prof. Kong Siu Cheung.

Prior Year's Accepted Papers

2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011  2010

2010 Accepted Papers

Paper Title DOI#
 Extreme Programming in the University  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_itcse-05
 ExtremeUsing Video Screen Capture to Provide Assessment Feedback for Information
 Systems Students
 ExtremeCollaborative Teaching and Learning: An Initiative of Linking Education Activities
 with Business Demands
 ExtremeAutomatic Grading System for Programming Homework  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_itcse-19
 ExtremeE-learning on Physical education of Utilizing Multimedia Contents  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_itcse-23
 ExtremeEnhancing Vocational Learners’ Skills in Applying Office Applications
 (A review of the literature)
 ExtremeA Study of Teaching Instruction and Relationship between Critical Thinking Skill
 and Learning Achievement
 ExtremeThe Analysis of Conditions and Problems of Teaching and Learning of Object
 Oriented Analysis and Design Subject that has impacted to the Student Learning
 ExtremeThe Development of Problem-Based Solution Based on Mind Mapping Learning
 Model PBMAP-MODEL) in Lean Information Management Model
 ExtremeInternational Seminar on Software Engineering and its Application in Education  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_itcse-54
 ExtremeGame Controller Hacking for Fun and Profit  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_itcse-58
 ExtremeTest-Driven Development — Suggestions for Curriculum Development  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_itcse-59
 ExtremeJust-in-time Intervention System for Introductory Computer Science Courses  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_itcse-61
 ExtremeA Pair Programming Trial in the CS1 Lab  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_itcse-22
 ExtremeSMOUTE:Synthetics Minority Over-sampling and Under-sampling Techniques for class imbalanced problem  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_itcse-21
 ExtremeLearning by Doing: Outcomes of Teaching a Research Course through Group Activities  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_itcse-11
 ExtremeFactors affecting the Multicore Processor Performance  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_itcse-29
 ExtremeAnalysis Based on Meta-analysis of Emergency Management  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_itcse-39
 ExtremeA Threshold Concept Perspective for Enhancing Effectiveness of PhD Supervision
 in Computing Disciplines
 ExtremeDevelopment of Computer-Based Experiment in Physics for Charging and Discharging of a Capacitor  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_itcse-47
 ExtremeTowards Semantic Enrichment of Historic Gazetteer Data  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_kd-Poster-07
 ExtremeAn Extended Page rank Calculation Including Network Parameters  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_kd-14
 ExtremePersonalized Recommendation on Discount Coupons  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_kd-18
 ExtremeVisualization and Analysis of Regional Water Transport-Based Commodity Flow
 in the Philippines
 ExtremeAn Analytical Study of the Performance of The Top Four Classification Techniques  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_kd-22
 ExtremeDecision Support System for Tourism Service Industry  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_kd-23
 ExtremeOSeC: An Ontology Based Cloud To Model Web 3.0  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_itcse-15
 ExtremeSoftware as a Service in the Shipping Sector  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_itcse-41
 ExtremeCollaborative Learning in a Knowledge Community  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_itcse-37
 ExtremeUsing Web 2.0 Technology to Enhance Student Learning  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_itcse-53
 ExtremeA Framework for Knowledge Management of Conference Information  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_kd-04
 ExtremeA Linear Approximation to a Neural Network Model for E-Commerce Anomaly
 ExtremeComparing Supervised and Unsupervised Artificial Neural Network
 for ConductingEco-environment Vulnerability Assessment
 ExtremeEffective Relations in an Open Community of Practice  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_kd-12
 ExtremeTest environment using Bootstrap for Knowledge Discovery Applications  10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_kd-13
 ExtremeRecommending in the Long Tail of 0-1 Data using Highly Correlated Pairs of
 Group of Items
 ExtremeInvestigating Inter-Organization (IO) Knowledge Transfer in Global Supply
 Chain Relationships

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