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Best Paper Awards 2016

Best Research Paper

Dr. Roelien Goede
North- West University, South Africa

Best Student Paper

Mr. Dennis Castleberry
Center for Computation and Technology, USA

Best Paper Awards 2015

Best Research Paper

Dr. Danny Seidner
College of Management Academic Studies, Israel

Best Student Paper

Mr. Ayman Qahmash
University of Warwick, UK


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Submit your papers for Panel Discussion on “Computational Thinking Education in K-12”, chaired by Prof. Kong Siu Cheung.

Prior Year's Accepted Papers

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2014 Accepted Papers

Paper Title DOI#
 Sub-Optimal Algorithmic Solutions to NP-Hard Problems Using Genetic Algorithms to Solve the Dance Choreography Problem  10.5176/2251-2136_ICT14.06
 Undergraduate Mathematics Online Instruction Study  10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT14.02
 eLearning and Educational Technology in Tertiary Education: A Help or a Hindrance?  10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT14.07
 Enhancing a Synchronous Online Education System for Cost Effective Delivery  10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT14.11
 A Case for Intranet-Based Online Portal for Undergraduate Computer Science Teaching  10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT14.14
 Assessment in e-Learning Environment: Key Issues and Pitfalls  10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT14.27
 Quality E-Learning Using the CMMI Approach Exploring a Capability Assessment Maturity Model for Philippine HEIs  10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT14.31
 Impact of Ubiquitous Learning in Higher Education on Student Performance  10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT14.35
 Enhancing CS Education in High School STEM Curricula Transfering Research Experience to Classrooms through Problem-Based Learning and Personalized Implementation Plans  10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT14.09
 The Suitability of Adopting Problem-based Learning in Computer Science Education  10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT14.21
 A Repository System for Open-source GIS Software Components: A General Purpose Educational Environment  10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT14.12
 Reducing Abstractness of Basic Programming Structures for Novice Programmers – using PseudoCAS  10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT14.13
 The Effectiveness of Animations in Teaching Recursive Algorithms  10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT14.18
 Analysis of EEG Signals Towards the Development of a Brain Protocol for Learning and Memory Purposes  10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT14.20
 Building Cyber Security Instructional Plans Through Faculty Development Program An Experience Report With Two and Four Year Educational Institutions  10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT14.22
 An Evaluation of the Impact of ICT Technologies Practice on Internal Control Security System  10.5176/2251-2136_ICT14.08
 Analyzing the Effects of Personality Traits on Facebook Use for Education A Study on University Students  10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT14.26
 Can a Facebook Group Serve as an Additional Learning Resource for Introductory Programming Students?  10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT14.33
 Integration of Dynamic Symbolic Execution with Metamorphic Relations to Solve Complex Path Constraintstd>  10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT14.36
 Computer Science Education and its Impact on Society  10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT14.01

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